We take and order, painting of facing building, apartments, individual houses, repair of ground work, sealing and various constructions.
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Various construction
Temporary construction A construction accompanying waterproof
Mainly assembly and dismantling of scaffold. Installation of field offece, a warehouse, a toilet and a power supply equipment etc.
Arrangemant of guard( a person in charge of traffic guidance.)
A long sheet is laid on a surface of floor of and corridor or steps. As a result it adds to the beauty and a feeling of quality. In additional it gives water proofing of water leak to down and a decrease of a walk noise.
A repair construction of ground work A painting construction (A finishing construction)
Mainly repair of crack outer wall or explosion of steel rod or change of the outer wall tile which is nearly to exfoliate or glutting it whit pouring treatment. Washing of a surface an outer wall a veranda wall, a passage wall and ceiling etc. which are old and faded and arranging a fine sight after repaint of ground work such as a crack. We carry out washing off the dirt as spring cleaning once 10 to 15 years for a building with a tile wall can not take a bath unlike humans. On the one hand rust with iron is also called "iron cancer in U.S.A"
Sealing construction
It is a place which is the most troubled when rain water comes in the sealing is carried out to joints from grunge work of building to roof or around frame of sash window.
Waterproof construction Other construction
The roof of a general building and an apartment always is given waterproofing. In appearance the material of waterproofing is concrete, a kind of sheet with sands rubber sheet and asphalt. There is rarely a waterproofing. At the same time waterproofing of a veranda floor, a passage floor and stairs is also recommended. Exchange of a refuge hatch to stainless one, exchange of mail box which a large sized envelope is put in, interior and exterior of elevator and etc.

Flowchart of a construction
Investigation diagnosis
◆Momentary investigation
 The simple method which distinguishes a requiring special attention part by viewing, palpation, and percussion.
 Questionnaires, such as leakage of water, are also distributed.
◆Secondary investigation
 Gondola etc. is constructed over the key point and the crack deficit part of an outer wall tile side or a paint side is taken out in detail.

・Planning a plan
  Investigation, study, inspection, and intention (plan) determination decision-making.

・Construction plan
  On the basis of an investigation diagnostic reslt, we make suitable specifications of respective parts and request an estimate to a special contractor.

・Construction implementation
  Based on spacifications, suitable construction is carried out with a proper contractor's determination.

・Maintenance management
  It starts after an operation.